Kudos to Joe Bastianich: Good Riddance to Smoke!

Restauranteur, Joe Bastianich sure knows a thing or two about food. Growing up within the restaurant industry with parents who owned several restaurants, then owning several himself as he worked alongside the likes of Mario Batali, writing books on food and wine, owned three wineries, and appeared on Master Chef, food is definitely his thing. However like many of the millions of people who work in the restaurant industry, Joe has been no stranger to cigarette addiction. In his prime, he claims to have smoked over 2 packs a day, and sometimes up to 3! Joe recently made headlines in a blog post for People, encouraging smokers to take that leap and quit smoking for good. As a former smoker, who better to offer encourage others?!

Being in the business of helping people change their lives, it’s great to have celebrity encouragement. They have the star power and voice to reach others, and we could not agree more with his message. Quitting smoking for 2013 could very well be the best thing you do for yourself. Your life will improve in so many ways, and like all the smokers who’ve switched to e-cigs, you’ll be blessed with so much more freedom!

How can we help? Well, our electronic cigarettes, and e-cigarette disposables offer the perfect alternative if you want to stop smoking cigarettes, but are not quite ready to give up the nicotine. Millions have done this, and have seem tremendous improvement in how they feel and live by getting rid of the smoke and choosing vapor cigs instead. With e-cigarettes, you don’t have to worry about all those problematic things that come with smoke. You can vape, savor the flavor and the nicotine, and never be bothered (or bother others) with the smoke. You can have a couple of puffs and move on. You can finish up without needing a receptacle, spraying the fragrance, or worrying about the lingering effects of the smoke. And you’re free to use them indoors.

When we hear about celebs who have quit smoking, we can’t help but be stoked; just like when we hear success stories from our customers. Knowing our products make a difference for the better is amazing!



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