Let that E-Cig Enhance Your Life!

How fun is vaping?! It’s an awesome alternative to cigarettes for so many reasons; you can take them anywhere, use them almost anywhere, enjoy an endless array of flavors, trick your device out in a number of ways to suit yourself however you want… the list goes on! Here is a look at different ways you can use your e-cigs and vaporizers to make everyday life even more enjoyable. As if nicotine couldn’t get any better, here are some reasons it actually does!

Accessorize: Your don’t have to go all out to accessorize an outfit if you’ve got a vape on you! While they look incredible, they certainly add a bit of flair and a touch of sexy-tech to your look. Yes, e-cigs make a great accent piece!

Extra Flashlight: Versatile goes far in our book, and having an item that can double as a few others rocks our world! Enter the magical e-cig or mod, moonlighting as a flashlight. you know you’re gonna take advantage of that!

Convo Starter: Electronic cigarettes make a statement, alright! At once, they proclaim you as an innovative, modern type of person. They show you’re open to new things, eschew sticking to old ways out of habit, and that you care about the environment. They also show you are a bit more health conscious than those who are still smoking traditional cigarettes, and that your progressiveness doesn’t interfere with your ability to have fun. Having all of these qualities on display when you puff on your vape pen makes it very easy for interested peeps to approach you, and have something cool to talk about.

Pick-Me-Up: 3:00 PM and you’re dragging. Eyes are closing as you type away, sounds are getting drowned out around you, and your mind is doing anything but focusing on the task at hand. The struggle is real, and one way to defeat it is to have an exciting flavor in your vaporizer, like citrus-mint. Have a few puffs when you feel like you are gonna topple over, and let the vapor wake you up!

One of the best ways to make ordinary days feel a little extra special is to enjoy yourself a little more. E-cigarettes not only replace the negatives of tobacco with clean, odorless vapor, they also add to the fun! Make each day better by vaping!