Let’s Celebrate National Donut Day!

So, today is National Donut Day, have you heard? Did you start your day off with a fresh one? Are you anywhere nearly as excited as we are? Yes, we are all about donuts, and most specifically, donut-flavored e-liquids.

You know, there’s just something so unique, extra delish, and totally fun about these plush, sweet treats. Between the texture, the taste, the smell, the way they can be enjoyed scaled down (just sugared or glazed) or overloaded with sprinkles, oozing out some sweet, sticky custard or jam, or lacquered in a sweet, thick layer of frosting, there’s really no wrong way to enjoy one of these babies!

Perhaps that was the reason a national holiday was called upon to celebrate these fine confections, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today, and all month in actuality because, if you are not yet aware, our Blend of the Month, so serendipitously happens to be Manager’s Special.  This treat made in donut heaven consists of the perfect glazed donut, filled with luscious condensed milk, and topped with sweet, strawberry frosting! It’s delicious enough to be labeled “special” and all month long, you can grab this 30ml bottle of vape-nirvana at 25% off!

And, as if that weren’t enough, we’ve got a whole host of delicious other donut e-juice blends. Here’s a brief preview, and we suggest you get at least one of these into your tanks today to celebrate the day properly!

Not Your Aunt’s Donut: Simple, understated, and miles beyond ordinary, this is a prime classic. The maple donut, ready to offer a delicious wave of maple!

Maple Berry Donut: Imagine the sweet, berry-infused magic of blueberry pancakes, translated into the sweet, softness of a sugary donut. I bet your mouth is watering already. You’re welcome.

Gotcha: A chocolate donut that is equal parts French silk pie and chocolate pastry; it’s basically  a chocoholic’s greatest weakness! This flavor is simply magic where donuts are concerned, and it perfectly captures the essence of the “elevated” donut.

Craving a donut yet? Happy National Donut Day from your friends at South Beach Smoke!