Let’s Talk Flavor

We know all about flavor. We know how important it is in the enjoyment of vaping, and we know that it is crucial to having a good experience overall. While there are many factors that affect can affect it, from the freshness of your cartridges, to the cleanliness of your vape pen, getting it right is super important. So whether you’re vaping with our exclusive, exceptionally-made custom blended e-liquids, or you opt for the more straightforward cartridges for e-cigs, here’s what we offer in both styles!


When it comes to e-cigarette cartridges, we offer the best. We have 16 different flavors, and they are available in nicotine strengths that range from 24mg to 0mg, with lots of variety in between. Our flavor selection covers all ground, with several different tobacco flavors: Classic Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Tobacco Blue, Grape Hookah, and Double Apple Hookah, with other favorites like Menthol, Peppermint, Tobacco Mint, Chocolate, and Vanilla, plus a great array of fruit flavors like Cherry, Peach, Pina Colada, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, and Orange Mint. Regardless of how picky you are, surely you’ll find a flavor that hits the spot. These cartridges offer total simplicity, and all the ease of popping a new cartridge in whenever you need it and tossing the old one out. No filling or working with a tank.


No one gets flavor like we do when it comes to e-liquids. Not kidding on this! Who else custom-blends liquids to allow you to have some 30,000 different options? The variety in nicotine levels is huge as well, ranging from 36mg to 0mg. You’ve got the ability to get super creative, and come up with any type of flavor fantasy you can, or you can stick to single flavors, double shots, or select from our Top Blends, which have been expertly crafted, and tested to perfection. Simply, you will not be bored or unable to find a flavor that fits your palate. In fact, if our selection of pre-filled cartridges isn’t doing it for you, you have the option to use our liquids and fill cartridge blanks yourself, and use them with our e-cigarettes, if you’re not down with the vape pen!

If you’re a flavor snob, we’re the brand for you! We know the importance of enjoying the best available flavor, almost above everything else, so fret none if you’re looking for a lot of variety, a lot of options, and having your mind blown consistently by vaping done right!