Should You Quit Smoking for a Job?

South Beach Smoke Should You Quit Smoking for a Job? Need another great reason to choose e-cigs over conventional tobacco cigs? Your job. As in, your potential, future job. As if your health, expenses, and general day to day life wouldn’t benefit enough from using alternative cigarettes, here’s why they are a great thing to use instead of smoking if you are on the job hunt.

Smoking is not conducive to employment. As the job market has gotten more competitive than ever, smoking is one of the many things recruiters are cracking down on. Employers have been cracking down on overweight employees as well, and while this sort of discrimination seems illegal, in 21 states, it actually isn’t. Cigarette smokers are a liability for a number of reasons to employers. They can potentially have more health issues, and cost them more money when it comes to insuring them. They may get sicker, and spend more time out of work due to illness. They tend to need additional breaks to smoke, and spend less time being productive, and they can be a distraction because they do not exactly smell pleasant.

Many companies offer their smoking employees incentives, such as cash bonuses, and paying for the cessation devices to help them quit smoking, but these measures are not working. Smokers continue to smoke, and employers want smoke-free workers. Cleveland Clinic was one of the first companies to have a smoking ban, and they have actually received a positive reaction to it, with employees being grateful for it. It’s a greater incentive than just quitting was. Geisinger Health Systems, based in Danville, Pa., Baylor Health Care System of Dallas, Tx. have bans on hiring smokers, and most recently to join this group is the University of Pennsylvania Health System, which will not be hiring smokers from this July on.

Many people, including health care workers and those looking for employment are crying foul, and claiming this is not an ethical measure. The fields most of these bans are occurring in are healthcare and casinos, but it is quite possible that in the future more industries will be adopting similar policies.

What can smokers do to avoid these hang-ups? Switch to electronic cigarettes. Smoking bans are only going to get greater, and the discrimination is only going to get stronger. For many, smoking bans are beyond basic discrimination, they take aim at the bigger issue: smoking, and want to see it eliminated.

E-cigarettes offer smokers the best of both worlds. They offer the same experience, the same nicotine, the same feelings you are used to with cigarettes, but without the smoke and tobacco. If you are looking for a job, or work in the health care industry, an electronic cigarette starter kit may be the perfect thing for your future!