Love is in the Air

Love is in the air right now, as we approach Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or you’re in a relationship and looking forward to getting totally spoiled by your special someone, it’s always a fun (or depressing) holiday to gorge on all things love-related. So, have you gotten your lover a gift yet? Procrastinating? Still searching for the perfect something for your perfect sweetie? If so, hesitate not a moment longer because what could be nicer, more thoughtful, more practical, and more fun than giving South Beach Smoke?

Vapor can be really romantic! Our e-liquid Blend of the Month is the deliciously sexy Third Base, after all! If you and your love are both smokers, give a gift for the two of you: a South Beach Smoke Couple’s Starter Kit. Just like the name says, it’s for couples, and will hook both of you up with all the necessities X2. Think of switching this way as a journey you take together… tres romantique! You won’t have to worry about sneaking into each other’s stash; this kit splits it right down the middle so you both get dibs on the best of the best.

If you’re single but have your eye on a certain someone who could use a little vapor action in their lives, one cute idea would be to send them a South Beach Smoke gift card via email, signed “A Secret Admirer!” Think of it as a coy yet alluring way to get their attention, before spilling the beans and asking them out on a date! Gift cards always make great gifts whatever the occasion, and your crush will probably swoon at the thoughtfulness of you!

And, if you’re single and happy that way, with no interest in hooking up with anyone this V-Day, splurge and get yourself some cool vapor products from SBS! No harm in falling in love with yourself, and certainly no harm in buying yourself a little something special!

So, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! May it be filled with love, romance, fun, excitement, and of course, VAPOR! Give your love what they really want: SBS!

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