Love South Beach Smoke? Want to Get Rewarded? Keep Reading!

We know for South Beach Smoke customers, our products totally offer a great experience, a better option than tobacco, and tons of savings. However, are you aware of our awesome customer rewards program? That’s right; when it comes to our customers, we want to make your purchases go even further, and what better way to do that than by making sure your money goes further?

The South Beach Smoke Loyalty Program was designed to reward our loyal customers for all the money you spend with us; so for every dollar you spend, you will earn one point. When you have reached the point of having earned 200 points, you will receive $20 towards your future South Beach Smoke spending.

Enrollment in the SOBE Rewards program is automatic, so you really have to do nothing to be joined. Just by being a customer, you will be enrolled, so all of your purchases will contribute to your overall rewards. Points are earned not just for making purchases, but also for other things such as sharing your purchases on Facebook (which earns you 5 points) or liking us on Facebook (that’ll earn you another 5 points). Additionally, on your birthday, we reward you with a celebratory 20 points. If you follow us on Twitter you’ll earn 5 points, and for every review you leave on our products you’ll earn 1 point for each. If you decide to sign up for our Home Delivery Program, which gets you automatic deliveries of your e-liquids or cartridges, you will earn 25 points just for enrolling. Boom! An easy way to see the savings accumulate!

As a customer, we want to reward you for your loyalty and continued commitment to being a part of the South Beach Smoke family. Those reward points really add up, so we make earning them worth your while in a multitude of ways, and we make it really easy to do so.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to start seeing the rewards? Get shopping!