Maintenance Tips for E-Cigs

All products come with a shelf life, and electronic cigarettes are no different. However, one of the most important factors to making them last as long as possible is some simple, basic upkeep. These will not only contribute to getting the most out of your investment, it will also mean the best possible performance, which is always a good thing.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Electronic Cig

Long term lasting comes from proper maintenance, so if you want to keep your e-cigs and vaporizers in tip-top shape, keep them working nicely with the following tips!

#1 Clean up after yourself!

Every so often, about once a week, take all of your e-cig components apart, and wipe everything down with a soft, clean, damp cloth. If you want to get really fancy and technical, bust out the q-tips and wipe down the grooves and crevices with intent and focus. Pay extra special attention to the areas such as the connection point of the battery and cartridge, as this is where liquid can drip out, leak out, or simply make its way out and accumulate. Cleaning it up ensures better connection, and better performance.

#2 Don’t over tighten things

When connecting the cartridge to the battery, really tight may seem like the right way to go, guaranteeing the most snug fit, but it’s an illusion. You want to tighten it just so, not too tight, as this can really affect the vapor production.

#3 Replace your cartridge regularly

If your cartridge has suddenly stopped producing vapor, and/ or the taste is rather burnt, chances are you need to replace it.

#4 Don’t overcharge your batteries

Get to 100% and disconnect it! Regularly doing this can help your battery last a very long time, and help it to maintain long life between charges. Also, don’t wait until your battery is dead at 0% before charging, this causes it to use more energy recovering.

#4 Don’t drop your vape

Seems like common sense, but take this as a reminder. Bad things can happen.

Maintenance Tips for E-Cigs Infographic

Maintenance Tips for E-Cigs Infographic

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So, hopefully these tips come in handy. You’re welcome!