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Make it a Mighty Menthol Week with Our Deal of the Week!

The Deal of the Week is officially here, and we are inviting you to get really cool and tingly this week! All Menthol Cartridges are on sale at 10% off, so now is your chance to stock up and save! Cartridges are always a must have, and if menthol is your flavor, we suggest you get busy shopping! A sale like this won’t come around often, and we know how much you love to save some dough.


Menthol is a staple among those who smoke. It’s not quite peppermint, but still offers a tingly edge that provides a very pleasant sensation, while delivering an invigorating cooling effect as it goes down. It is loved for its refreshing taste – which is both a flavor and a feeling; multisensory if you will. Our menthol was designed to deliver the most crisp, clean flavor and if you are a fan of Marlboro Menthol, Kool, Newport, Salem, or other commercially-available cigarettes in menthol flavor, you will probably be highly satisfied with these cartridges.


South Beach Smoke offers menthol cartridges in a variety of different sizes, and they are, of course, available in a wide array of nicotine strengths to suit your needs. Stock up with our menthol cartridges in sets of 15, 30, or 45, and you’ll be good to go a long while.


Cartridges are already an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes because they offer such a great amount of savings, however this week, that savings gets even better. Normally, the cost of cartridges equates to anywhere between $1.48 – $1.77 per pack of traditional cigarettes, and if you top off an added 10% to that, the savings are even more killer. Save and save again, and keep your cartridge stock ready for everything!


E-cigs may not be for every vaper, but they offer a great deal of convenience and freedom. Unlike vaporizers and mods, there is very little prep work involved to be able to enjoy the experience whenever and wherever you want. For vapers, cartridges offer the easiest way to vape without having to mess with pouring liquids and dealing with running low. Just swap them out as you use them, and you’re good to go. They are convenient, and very versatile. They are made for being on the go, and you can take them just about anywhere, and are a very effective way to ensure you can vape when you’re pressed for time. For traveling, it could not be any more efficient!


So this week, take advantage of the Deal of the Week if you’re down with menthol! South Beach Smoke menthol e-cigarette cartridges are among the very best available, and they provide all the flavor, sensation, and nicotine you could want, in the most enjoyable manner. As our Deal of the Week, we encourage you to score these goods and enjoy the feeling. This flavor and these cartridges will have you set up for a long time to come, and you’ll be vaping happily and tingly, stress-free. So get mentholated and save!