Max VG E-liquids are Here

MAX VG E-Liquids Are Here! Get Ready for the Clouds!

As it has always been our aim to focus on a steady stream of innovation and staying in line with what our customers ultimately want, we have taken the plunge into carrying an even more diverse range of liquids with our newest release: MAX VG E-Liquids! Cloud chasers rejoice; these juices are unreal, and have been designed to bring you the best in ferocious flavor and maximum cloud production. For advanced users who want the very best performance, get ready for the action!

So, what is it like using our new line? Well, the flavors are amazing and still available in our massive array, however each individual flavor, you will see, are even more intense. VG, which stands for vegetable glycerin, imparts a very silky-smooth texture to vapor, and you will experience a denser hit. For using with RDA’s and working with complex coils, you can expect the performance to be incredible. If you’re into doing tricks, these juices were literally made for you!

As far as consistency goes, Max VG e-liquids contain less PG than the quantity of VG because these liquids are made for getting the best clouds. If you’re after the most powerful, hard-hitting throat hit, you may not be pleased with max VG; you probably need a juice that’s heavier on the PG, but if you’re after smoothness and mega cloud action, you will want to get these into your tanks ASAP. Everyone’s got their preferences, and we’re always all about encouraging everyone to try everything to get an idea about your options, however it’s important to know what each type does ahead of time to make the best choices. If you vape Max VG liquids expecting a stinging throat hit, you’re going to be disappointed. If you try a standard vape juice expecting massive clouds and huge amounts of vapor production, you may end up bummed. Hence why we’re educating you; you gotta know your options!

Cloud chasers typically use very advanced devices, such as sub ohm tanks, mods, and RDA’s, and accordingly, go after Max VG liquids. Additionally, some people have sensitivities to PG and prefer liquids with a much greater concentration of VG, as it is known to have a gentler effect.

For beginner vapers, it is very common to start off vaping with e-liquids that consist of a blend of 50/50 PG to VG, as it is known to work best in simpler devices and tanks. In such devices, having a solid amount of PG is often necessary because the effort it takes to get the flavor to be full is hard enough, that with the help of the PG, the flavor comes through better. Also for recently-switched smokers, having that extra PG can be a big deal because it really does add a powerful component for a solid hit that makes a huge difference. When vaping with sub ohm devices, on the other hand, it’s a bit different because they are designed to produce the most intense flavor, and to work more effectively with high VG levels.

One of the most amazing things about the vape industry is the amount of innovation and evolution that is happening constantly. Great leaps are occurring seemingly daily, and with the advent of sub-ohm vaping, things will never be the same; it’s simply incredible! If you’re taking advantage of this phenomenal new method, you know that MAX VG e-liquids are the new “it” juice, and with the huge clouds and intense flavors, they are not going anywhere! To continue our mission of serving our fans and customers, we’ve been releasing a variety of different sub ohm devices, and we really hope you’re up for experiencing this whole new world within the vape industry!

Like all South Beach Smoke juices, our new line of Max VG E-Liquids are entirely, 100% USA-made. They all originate labs that are registered with the FDA, to ensure that you know where they come from, and so that you can be assured knowing you’re fully aware of what you’re getting. Always Diacetyl and AP-free (Acetyl Propionyl), and developed with exclusively top-rated Glycerin and Nicotine, plus Kosher-Grade ingredients, we are always committed to carrying the very best. Our bottles are child-resistant, for additional security and peace of mind. We invite you to experience this mind-blowing new experience with South Beach Smoke’s new Max VG e-liquids! Get them here!