Millennials & Vaping

There is a lot of discussion these days on what the Millennial generation is up to. Whether we’re focusing on their inability to socialize without a social network, or their quick-witted abilities with technology and their incessant reliance on it. So does it really come as a surprise that the Millennials are the largest group to embrace the use of electronic cigarettes? Probably not, considering they fit right in line with all of their other technological uses. Of the many millions of Americans vaping, 1.1 million of them happen to be Millennials; a decisive 44%!

So why are Americans ages 18-30 so into the vaping movement? Well, as this is the generation of all things modern, it makes perfect sense that they would be into all the conveniences and benefits smoking without smoke and tobacco entail. Carrying around electronic items, using e-cigarette accessories like USB chargers and adapters, being able to sync their lives in a multitude of ways, and being able to have their electronics on the go is one of their mainstays. They are the tech generation, and they are completely in tune with vaporized smoking.

Another fact to consider is that the Millennials have grown up in an age where there has been ever-present marketing directed towards them to not smoke. They’ve had consistent knowledge about the dangers of tobacco, and while that has not dissuaded them entirely from using tobacco and cigarettes, it has been at a lesser rate than previous generations. Along these lines, they have been more inclined to opt for the digital version, as opposed to the messy, smelly, stigma-laden tobacco version of smoking. With electronic cigarettes, they have many more choices before them, the ability to choose different types of models to use for their preferred experience. They can choose from an exorbitant selection of different flavors, and they can even vape indoors. Simply, e-cigarettes offer more of what they want in a simpler, fluent manner.

As e-cigarettes head towards a $1.7 billion target for the industry in 2014, it’s clear that electronic cigarettes are not a passing fade. People of all adult ages are using them, and the Millennials are leading the way.