Mind Your Manners! How to be a Considerate Vaper

Vaping is everywhere it seems, and while you may be inclined to whip out your e-cig wherever you are in public, and vape as flamboyantly as you can to make up for all the years you’ve been repressed as a smoker, we urge you not to. Sure, one of the many benefits of using electronic cigarettes is being able to use them in the majority of public places with ease and convenience, however it’s a good idea to take note of certain social graces just to ensure e-cigarettes don’t get a bad wrap, and neither do you!

E-smoking in public is one of the biggest reasons many smokers are inclined to switch. With all the restrictions of tobacco, you are not able to smoke in many public places, and you often run the risk of offending others. Keep in mind that many states, legislators, and establishments are trying to limit the usage of e-cigarettes in public, so be wary of the particular place you are in. Some locales are more tolerant than others, in some places it is perfectly socially acceptable to stroll through a shopping plaza, mall, or grocery store with your e-cig in hand, and no one will blink an eye. At the same time, there are many other places where you will be raising red flags, getting unwanted attention, and alerting management in a negative way.

Be respectful of those around you. If you are vaping in a public space, and get asked to stop for any reason, while you most likely do not technically have to, it’s a good idea to stop and find another place to enjoy your vapor just out of courtesy. Many people are still in the dark about what e-cigarettes are, and many are not aware that they are not being exposed to tobacco or smoke.

Some of the most obvious places you probably don’t want to be vaping in are those in close proximity to children or “family” type events, very crowded public transportation scenarios, hospitals or medical centers, and places such as banks, and grocery stores. Common sense is a good thing to use if you are unsure about whether it’s acceptable to be vaping in a certain place, and if you are unsure, it’s a good idea to just ask.

Be a responsible ambassador for e-cigarette usage. Unless there is an explicit sign, or actual regulations in place banning their use, you are most likely free to vape in public. However, it’s a good idea to be a savvy representative of an e-smoker; not an obnoxious one!