National Chocolate Day!

It’s officially National Chocolate Day and we could not be more excited. Few things are as delightful as chocolate, and because of its intense, richly flavorful taste, it has garnered hordes of loyal devotees throughout the world, throughout the ages.

Whether it’s due to the silken texture, its richly pungent taste, or its decadently aromatic scent, chocolate is addicting in the most luxurious sense yet! So, in honor of this magically intoxicating bean, here are our favorite e-liquid flavors that include the one and only flavor of chocolate as part of the mix up.

Hey, hey, the great thing about chocolate-enriched e-liquids is that you can gorge ravenously and not have to worry about calories! Nothing like guilt-free pleasure, is there? Here are our fave chocolate e-liquid favorites!

Peppermint Bark: This holiday-inspired taste is perfect all year long with its delicious range of flavors! Chocolate, peppermint, and a little something extra make it truly a festive blend!

Chocolate Delight: The classic. It’s a simple yet decadent take on chocolate e-liquids. Deeply seductive, utterly rich, not too sweet, and perfectly heavy in dark chocolate flavor.

Chocomint: A double dose of delish, and the perfect yin and yang flavors that offer decadence and a splash of tingle! Rich chocolate balanced by crisp, cool mint; it’s refreshing and luscious at once!

Decadent Dip: When pure chocolate alone is a little too much, juicy strawberries tone down the richness with the perfect balance of fruity!

Chocolate Cherry Tobacco: Unexpected, and unexpectedly amazing! This is like a little of everything delicious, and together these flavors come together exquisitely! What a gourmet way to enjoy the taste of chocolate!

ChocoJava: Because coffee and chocolate are so delectable on their own, when paired together the results are earth-shattering… in the most delicious way possible! Chocolatey coffee goodness, oh my!

Silky Milk Chocolate: Sometimes, we just need to go back to the bare-bones basics. Wild flavors aside, there is nothing like a toned down, true to form milk chocolate candy bar to hit the sweet spot. When vaped, it’s simply heaven.