National Donut Day: Best Flavors to Pair with Your Donut!

South Beach Smoke X National Donut Day FlavorsHow do you like your donuts? Doubled up? With a hot, steaming cup of Joe? A Hot chocolate? Or are you the sort who prefers them paired with a nice, delicious vape session with the perfect e-juice flavor? Ah, we like where this is going!

In honor of National Donut Day, we thought it would be totally appropriate to not only get the hookup on all the free donuts, but to give you the lowdown on the best flavors to pair your donuts with! Hey, in the spirit of enjoying all things delicious, in our view, few things compare to the heavenly combo that includes hot coffee, vapor, and a donut! So here is our take on the best e-juice flavors to pair with the most popular of donut varieties!

Glazed Donut: Fancy Latte, Java Jolt, Hazelnut, Very Vanilla, or Sinfully Cinnamon would make exceptional partners to the classic, yet always perfect Glazed Donut.

Chocolate Glazed: Double Espresso, Dulce de Leche, Classic Custard, or Amaretto would match the chocolatey richness impeccably! Improve upon perfection? Not quite, but the right flavor will enhance it all the way!

Strawberry Filled: Very Vanilla, Creme de la Creme, Marshmallow, Caribbean Toasted Coconut, Orange Mint, or Banana Bash, depending on how you’d like to pair the idyllic flavor of a strawberry donut!

Chocolate Frosted: Tobaccolicious, Peppermint Bark, Choco-Java, Amaretto Truffle, the Godfather, and Rum ‘n Cherry Cola will be the most delicious complements to your vape routine!

Sprinkles: Tutti Fruity Gumballs, Java Jolt, Choco-Nut, Fancy Latte, Bubble Gum and Very Vanilla make amazing compliments to vaping goodness! Fun and festive donuts deserve equally vibrant flavors!

Sugar: Creamsicle, Candy Appletini, Peach Freeze, Toffee Nut Latte, Frozen Banana, and Double Espresso. Sugar and spice and everything nice! Sugar-covered donuts never get old, and adults love to indulge in these treats! Paired with the right e-liquid, they become even more delicious!

So, how are you going to enjoy National Donut Day? Hopefully with the right vape juice pairing and a giddy attitude!