NBA & E-Cigs: Best Enjoyed Together!

Because we represent South Beach, you know we are all cheering for the Miami Heat here at South Beach Smoke! The Post-Season has gotten really hot, and we are more than stoked to be cheering them on.

If you’re watching the 2013 NBA Finals from your home, a sports bar, a friend’s place, a party, or you happened to be one of the lucky few who managed to score tickets to one of the arenas, did you know you can enjoy the games better with e-cigarettes? They make any good time better, and allow you all the freedom that comes when you go smokeless. Who wants to get up out of their seat to go outside to smoke when the game is going on? No one! And when the game is getting good and heated, when you’re feeling the pressure and feel most inclined to smoke, the last thing you want to do is head outside! E-cigs take this situation to the next level, letting you have your vapor and nicotine as you please without disruption! It’s just another reason to switch to vapor cigs!

When gathering around others and socializing, e-cigarettes fit the bill much better than their smoky counterparts. Smoke stinks and nonsmoking bystanders want nothing to do with it, and if you are in a crowd, who wants to tiptoe around others, sacrificing comfort while trying to guarantee it for others? You miss out on the fun and the action. Vaping allows for instant access, ease of use, and total satisfaction. When you’re tuning in to the finals, or any sporting event really, make sure you’ve got your e-cigs, and you’re ready to go!

Electronic cigarettes keep everyone satisfied, and make it more enjoyable to watch a game. And should your team lose, there is nothing like a soothing e-cig to help make it all better! So here’s to the 2013 NBA championship! Go HEAT!