Need a Little Change in Your Life

Need a Little Change in Your Life? Fresh New Vape Mods Are Here!

More than month into 2017, and the goodies just keep on coming? That’s right y’all! In case you haven’t heard, South Beach Smoke has just unleashed a slew of new mod vaporizers, in addition to a whole range of other amazingness, for your cloud-creating enjoyment. So our suggestion is to get on with the shopping, because our new lineup will leave you very happy. If you’ve needed a new vape, this is the one-stop shop!

What stands out about these new pocket-plumers, are their enhancements with regards to power, performance and of course battery life. These latest devices have been well thought out, providing ergonomic design and better ease of use, giving anyone who enjoys a good juice an even more enjoyable vape experience.

So, why use a high-tech mod vaporizer? Aligned with improved battery life is both performance and power. Truth be told, one ceases to exist without the other, especially when killing their power source. Instead, the coexistence of power, performance and battery life is and forever will be the ultimate goal, and this new lineup of vaporizers are indeed next level in achieving that trifecta. We aim to please, so do experience them for yourself!

An then, perhaps, the single most important kicker in the equation – affordability.

No one in their right mind would ever pay an arm and a leg for mediocre vaping devices, and we definitely don’t expect you to with us. That’s why South Beach Smoke offers all the latest, most advanced vaporizers on the market at prices even your grandparents could appreciate. And they are all offered as starter kits, meaning they come action-packed with all the accessories necessary to have yourself a damn good time.

Whether new to the vaping game or a seasoned fogger, vaporizers are a great go-to option. They offer a style that’s compact when on the move and for when you want to keep your carry-ons to a minimum. Not only do we have quite the selection of devices in all shapes and sizes, but a number of big-time brands have joined in to make this class of 2017 the best yet!

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