New Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Flavors Coming!

One of the most pleasurable aspects of e-cigarettes are the flavors. While many people who have used e-cigarettes may attest that some brands fail to perform when it comes to their flavors, South Beach Smoke is widely known throughout the industry to have incredibly delicious, mouth-watering flavors. The robust tobacco flavor is designed to be just like a regular cigarette, and when it is smoked, you cannot tell the difference!

Always keeping ahead of the pack, South Beach Smoke is pleased to announce that very soon there will be five additional flavors debuting on their line of fantastic offerings. Currently, the lineup of electronic cigarette cartridges offers traditional tobacco, vanilla, menthol, chocolate, and cherry. The new flavors will add even more excitement, and give e-smokers a huge assortment of options when smoking. Peppermint, Peach, Pina Colada, Tobacco Blue, and Tobacco Gold will be the new varieties, and each is exceptional. While many e-cigarette users go for basic with their everyday e-smoking, choosing either tobacco or menthol flavors, having a wide variety of extra choices is wonderful. You never know when that craving for something just a little different will strike, and it’s always great to have them on hand and ready to go. Flavors like chocolate, vanilla and cherry are well known staples when it comes to indulgence, and now electronic cigarette users can add peach, peppermint, and pina colada to that bracket. Anything but ordinary, these fun flavors are a great pick-me-up, and a nice little diversion from the standard taste. They also make a great treat for those moments when you crave something special. Even better than dessert, flavored e-cigs are amazingly delicious and don’t come with the bothersome calories!

When choosing between traditional cigarettes and electronic, one of the deciding factors for customers going for the latter is the amount of options they are presented with. Tobacco cigarettes fit a different lifestyle, and that is why smokers who want more options, as well as a healthier alternative are consistently replacing them. With accessories that allow electric cigarettes to fit into your busy schedule, they can be used in many different ways, for the ultimate in comfort, ease, and accessibility.