How Technology is Changing the Smoking Game

Cigarettes never seemed entirely old fashioned until electronic cigarettes hit the scene. Now they seem very much like a habit from the last century, and using them really doesn’t make one look cool anymore. E-smokes have become immensely popular, and the technological aspect really appeals to most smokers, updating them, making them more accessible as well as healthy, and giving freedom where traditional cigarettes create limitations.

Technology has done a number on modern lives in nearly every instance, and the way we live is impacted by technology’s influence in almost every way. Instant gratification and information available to us at light-speed, at any given moment, whenever we want something; it’s our’s right then and there. Everyone wants more convenience, and e-cigarettes do just that for those who enjoy nicotine.

In the electronic cigarette world, traditional cigarettes are often referred to as “analog cigarettes” because that is exactly what they are. You have to light them, and then dispose of them. They are a single-use item, and you have to constantly purchase additional packs to keep smoking. Cigarettes make a mess, and they are not at all convenient. Every smoker knows finding a good spot to smoke can be a mission! They create a massive garbage problem, and they are not healthy by any means.

Vapor cigs are different in every way, except only in that they are smoked in the same way, and you feel the same during and afterwards. They are drastically less expensive, and users are always thrilled to see the big difference they have on their savings. They minimize your effort, and clean up everything about smoking. Lighters and ash trays become a thing of the past, and the easiness of chargers and e-cigarette cartridges are used instead. Instead of constantly tossing cigarettes and dealing with lighters, cartridges get changed at much lesser intervals. A single cartridge is equal to about 1.5 cigarette packs, and they have the ability to go much farther.

Technology has created a simpler, cleaner, more user-friendly way to smoke. It has allowed smokers to have the same nicotine sensation, without any of the fuss or complications. It’s making cigarettes seem totally outdated, and giving smokers greater convenience and a much better way to smoke in every way. Even if you think of yourself as technology- challenged, e-cigs are the way to go if nicotine is your thing!