New Year, New You by Way of the Vape Plume!

Alas, the new year is here! Sure we’ve all had some pretty whacked out stuff go down, but not only have we made it on through to other side, but now that we are 2 weeks in, 2017 already seems poised to ring in much of the same as yesteryear. 2016 was a rough year after all, and gone are the days when that one resolution you seriously set your sights on ever stands a chance to begin with, right?

Or will it…

After all, you are what you make of it. And what about that “new year, new you” concept? Such cliches usually run amuck, but they really do challenge us for some reason – or was it the few-too-many glasses of bubbly at 4am on 1/1? Case in point, New Year’s resolutions come and go, but they stand the test of time when they truly mean something. And there’s no time like the present to treat yourself in making the switch from tobacco to vaping. The pros far outweigh the cons when comparing the two, and most of all, who doesn’t love to plume life-size vape clouds just for fun!?

Unlike tobacco, e-liquid, (or juice) used in devices such as vaporizers, (vape pens), and mods bring together more flavor and the option of less nicotine, they contain no tobacco whatsoever and burn zero plant matter – all beneficial in saying “no” to tobacco. And given how expensive it has become to light up, going the vape route won’t smoke your wallet. Indeed, making the switch is a benefit to your way of life, regardless of when it happens. So why not hit the ground running without gasping for air in 2017?

To put it in perspective, when was the last time you not only felt good about such a life-changing way of life, but marveled that it’s in fact possible to live it without ever feeling as if you made the wrong choice? Personal change is always good, especially when done for the better, as well as cheaper. Now that’s a New Year’s resolution worth keeping, forevermore.

So, good luck on those resolutions; always remember, South Beach Smoke is here to help make it easy, fun, and extremely enjoyable to make the switch, so let this be the year you make vapor a serious part of your life in lieu of smoke!