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What Device Should I Use to Vape Nicotine Salts?

The odds are pretty good that you’ve come across this page because you’re interested in getting started with nicotine salts, one of the hottest new vape products to hit the scene in recent years – but what exactly do you need to know first? While just about any vaper can successfully enjoy everything that nic salts have to offer, there are a few key details you won’t want to skip. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a short and sweet guide to vaping with nicotine salts. We’re breaking down the basics of this trendy category of e-liquids and exactly what vape equipment you’ll need to try salt juice for yourself, so you can dive in with confidence.

What are nicotine salts?

First, understanding what nicotine salts are – and why you might want to try them – is important. The “salt” in the name actually goes back to a basic chemistry principle: when an acid and base are combined, the overall PH can lean towards neutral territory in between the two. When it does, the final product is considered a “salt.” In the world of vaping, nicotine is the base, which slightly neutralizes when mixed with an acid. As a result, nicotine salts are the more neutral version of traditional nicotine vape juice, which typically utilizes pure liquid nicotine. This shift matters considerably when it comes to your overall vape experience, delivering a higher nicotine percentage with a dramatically smoother, gentler throat hit. The nicotine delivery is far more effective, and the experience feels comparable to smoking a traditional cigarette (minus the smoke, ash, and tar).

Can nicotine salts be used in a regular vaping device?

Before you top off your tank with nic salts, it’s critical that you understand that these e-liquids aren’t designed for use in just any vape device. Instead of choosing a high-powered sub-ohm vape, you’ll want to stick with low-wattage models instead. Pod-based vapes are a particularly ideal pairing with nicotine salts.

What is the best nicotine salt device?

Like any “best of” vape category, there are plenty of opinions when it comes to the best vape device to use with nicotine salts. Here are a few top picks for vapes that will bring out the best in your nic salts:

and convenient 2mL refillable pods that make your vape sessions completely hassle-free.

  • The SMOK NORD incorporates SMOK’s signature innovation with a stylish design,

offering 10-15W output for the ideal low-powered nic salt performance.

  • The Innokin EQ is sleek, affordable, and well-made, providing fuss-free operation and

superior flavor quality.

Take your first step and experience the satisfaction of vaping with nicotine salts, the ultimate e-liquid for anyone who loves a smooth burst of nicotine. Before you get started shopping for premium nicotine salt e-liquids, you’ll need to make sure you’re working with the right kind of device. At South Beach Smoke, we make it easy to get everything you need to start nic salt vaping, from high-quality low-wattage vapes to the best nicotine salt vape juices on the market. When you shop with South Beach Smoke, you can be confident knowing that you’re getting the best products at the lowest prices in the industry. Plus, our team is always here to help you make the right choice to suit your vape style.

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