Nicotine Strength: Getting it Right

It can be totally overwhelming when you’re an e-cigarette newbie, to discover all the different levels of nicotine you have at your disposal. Keep in mind though, choices are a great thing, however, even when they seem like there’s just too many of them!

Here’s how to figure out what you want and need, and how to get the very most satisfaction from vaping when it comes to finding the perfect nicotine level for your tastes.

South Beach Smoke has an awesome selection of nicotine levels available. A big range can be a little confusing at first, but it means that you’re more likely to be able to find the right nicotine strength. As with any new products, you’ve got to experiment for the best results, so enjoy the ride!

  • What South Beach Smoke Offers:
  • Nicotine-Free 0 mg
  • Ultra-Light 6 mg
  • Light 12 mg
  • Full-Flavored 16 mg
  • Bold 24 mg

You may start off with Light (12mg) and find that it’s too light, and on the same note, you may try Bold 24mg e-cig cartridges right off the bat and be taken by surprise by how strong and powerful that amount of nicotine truly is.

If you are more of a lighter smoker who smokes less than a pack of cigarettes a day, 6mg or 12mg will most likely be adequate for your needs. Very heavy smokers who smoke 1-2 packs a day will enjoy 16mg and 24mg cartridges, with 24mg being satisfying for the heaviest smokers.

If you’re the kind of smoker who wants a powerful punch but doesn’t actually smoke a whole lot, a super potent nicotine level, such as 24mg will probably feel great for you. Along the same lines, if you are into constant puffing, and are more into the experience of vaping, feeling the vapor, tasting the flavors, and inhaling, you will probably be most comfortable with a low nicotine strength.

If you are using electronic cigarettes in hopes of decreasing your nicotine intake, we suggest starting off with the level that is most comfortable, and decrease your in level each month. Perhaps starting at 16mg feels good, and in a month or so, decrease to 12mg and see how it goes.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping can be so immensely enjoyable, however it is essential to find the variables that work for you. We can’t stress the importance of experimenting, which so happens to one of the most fun and exciting parts of vaping!