Nothing More Fashionable Than an E-Cig

Fashion Week NYC happened last week, and whether you were there for all the action, or just enjoyed the shows via the internet far away, it’s always a fun time to get conscious of what we’ll be wearing next spring. However, besides all the hoopla and madness, and crazy opinions from designers, no matter what you wear, it’s all about the details, and you know what? Our electronic cigarettes are always fashionable, and they make a pretty awesome statement- regardless of what season it is, and what people are doing on the runways. They make any outfit look better and more intelligent! Celebrities are highly aware of this, with so many of them taking to the movement. Robert Pattinson, Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and former chain-smoking model, Kate Moss have all happily and fashionably welcomed e-cigarettes into their lives.

Cigarettes and fashion have always been intertwined. Cigarettes have long been marketed to women as a great way to stay slender, demonstrate feminism and independence, and a dramatic way to emphasize a style statement. And this marketing did not extend only to females, men were targeted by the almighty symbols of masculine virility in the conquest to resemble that icon of manliness: the Marlboro Man. Thankfully, these stereotypes have been put in the history books, and are not emblazoned on billboards or in magazines much anymore. Style is far more complex these days, and the targeted audience is not really likely to be scouted by tobacco companies.

Sadly, as “cool” as cigarettes seemed to look, all of their dangers and negatives really outweigh any of the positives. And if you take the time to look back on the images, advertisements, and editorials featuring beautiful and glamorous people smoking, the allure is undeniable. We are attracted to beauty, that is instinctual, but it should never be at the cost of one’s health or life.

This is where e-cigs come in. Literally every benefit of cigarettes is available with electronic alternatives, at least those that are of high quality! South Beach Smoke e-cigs are designed to work very well, and they are known to surpass all others in performance. All the while, every detail was utilized to make them function with excellence, nothing was spared to make them exceedingly attractive as well. They are stylish, beautiful, and will never have you looking anything less than fashionable when you use them, even if you are not concerned with how you look! E-cigarette accessories allow for even more variety, and allow you to customize their use to your life, and make them work for you. All the benefits, all the style; no compromise!