Our Vape Juice is Diacetyl Free

South Beach Smoke Our Vape Juice is Diacetyl FreeWe’re like to keep up with our reputation for quality, and avoiding certain chemicals is just part of our high-class allure. Case in point: Diacetyl. Di-a-what? Diacetyl is a rather common ingredient in certain food items, however it has no place in electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. Vapor and e-juice are not, after all, food! So here is a look at what it is, and why we keep away from this stuff in an effort to keep you away from this stuff! Trust us, after you learn a little more, you’ll probably thank us too!

What is Diacetyl?

It is a by product of the dairy industry, resulting from the fermentation of cream. It creates a rather unique flavor, imparts a sweet flavor onto other things, and it has shown to have no negative effects when ingested. When inhaled, however, it can prove disastrous.

Diacetyl is linked to the rare lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans, which also goes by the slang name, “popcorn lung.” This disease is marked by inflammation of the bronchioles, restricting them to the point where airflow is obstructed to and from the lungs, resulting in labored wheezing and a nasty dry cough. The dangers of diacetyl exposure come after it has been heated and inhaled over long periods of time.

In 2014, Dr. KE Farsalinos, longtime ally of the e-cigarette industry, presented a study at the Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, Poland, detailing the effects and findings of diacetyl found in e-liquids. He sampled 160 different liquid varieties, the majority of which were European brands, and found that 74% of them put users at risk for exposure to diacetyl, even at small levels.

After the report was presented, brands with the highest levels of diacetyl were contacted in an effort to alert them to the danger. Hopefully they have since made the appropriate amends to remove the diacetyl.

South Beach Smoke’s Take on Diacetyl:

From our own end, we understand the importance of avoiding this unnecessary chemical, and are proud to say that all South Beach Smoke liquids are in fact, diacetyl-free. Considering our track record for having awesome-tasting liquids, with up to 30,000 different flavor possibilities, we are doing just fine without it!

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