Our Favorite Accessory: The PCC

The PCC, also known as the Personal Charging Case is a marvel of e-cigarette technology! There is plenty of reason why this case is so popular, and so very useful. It’s the go-anywhere, do-everything accessory that really compliments the way people can use alternative cigarettes. Here is a look at the case, for further details. You know it’s what the e-smoker in your life wants to find in their stocking on Christmas morning!

The PCC has gained a great following, and much praise from users because it does what no electrical connection can do: it basically charges batteries in your pack regardless of where you are. It can recharge the e-cigarette battery 4 times before it needs to be recharged again, which can be an amazingly long time, depending on how often you are vaping. It holds you battery even when it is not being charged, doubling as a handy storage case. The design of it is really similar to a regular pack of cigarettes, and it fits into your pocket just the same! Then, to up its functionality, it is also equipped with an exterior flashlight, an interior light – so you can see your goods even in dimly lit spaces, and it has an LED display that lets you stay on top of your battery’s capacity. Imagine, a single product that does all of that! It’s really amazing.

The PCC also happens to be very simple to use. First things first: it needs to be charged in order to work. Since it comes with a wall charger and a USB cable, take your pick. The, you place your batteries and cartridges in for safe holding. You then use it and reuse as needed. As the battery begins to wear down, and requires recharging, slip it into the charging slot!

So when you leave the house with your PCC, you are set! You never have to worry about where or when to charge, so it pushes the limits of convenience in every way. It charges your batteries no matter where you are, it keeps you organized, situated, and ready to be vaping with a moment’s notice.