Pokemon GO: More Than A Vape and A Stroll…

We get it…

Pokemon Go has overtaken any reasonably sane existence once thought possible. Even for us level-headed, hard working, highly responsible, ultra mature adults. This rad game is not just for kids, and it’s the most fun, addictive game in the history of ever.

The game, which instantly garnered worldwide smash-hit-status, has everyone burning major holes through data plans and vape mods alike. Because what could be better than strolling along, chasing some imaginary pocket monsters, and enjoying a vape while you’re at it?

In such a relatively short amount of time, not only has a game that seems more like “Where’s Waldo” crossed with Japanime and played on a technologically-altered GPS system become all the rage, so has playing it while vaporizing your favorite e-juice. And why not? What better way to enlighten a typical power-walk or mundane evening stroll than searching for imaginary creatures AND enjoying a good vape?

Seriously. For those of you still so yesterday as to the magnitude of this overnight phenomena, Pokemon Go is so huge right now it actually gives Twitter a run for its virtual money as far as daily active Android users go.

Based on the ‘90’s trading card game and TV show characters you once obsessed over but live in denial about now, the franchise’s newest endeavor into the mobile realm has devised an even more ingenious way to commandeer your attention span as well as your smartphone. In a nutshell, Pokemon Go uses your phone’s time and location capabilities to identify when and where you are in the game and thus making Pokemon “appear” (hint – on your phone) around you, so you can catch them. As you continue moving around, more types of Pokemon will appear depending on where you are and what time it is. The idea is to encourage the otherwise unmotivated to get off their asses and venture into the (real) world, while catching Pokemon in the game. Brilliant, is it not?

And thanks to the trailblazers of the vape community, Pokemon Go and vaping have enabled taking a nice long walk to align in unconventional harmony. It’s like your very own wandering moment of zen, personalized and vaporized!