Preparing for Natural Disasters With E-Cigs

Natural disasters always teach us ways to prepare better for the future, and no matter how prepared you think you are for anything life throws your way, there’s always room for improvement and ways you can have things a little better secured next time. What has this got to do with electronic cigarettes? Well, when push comes to shove, would you want to be without them? In an emergency situation, wouldn’t it be a lot easier and less stressful if you had to deal with lots of things going wrong, at least being able to have your e-cig to puff on? In these situations, having this convenience can be so important.

Hurricane Sandy really seemed to come out of nowhere. While a hurricane in the tropics during the end of October is nothing really out of the ordinary, for one to get swiftly carried up the coast and slam into the Northeast portion of the country then is pretty historical. We know all about the damage and the thousands of people left homeless in the storm’s wake, enduring cold temperatures and dealing with all the struggles natural disasters force us to face. Of course food, shelter, warmth, clean water, and gas are the main concerns, however it can be really really hard going through these kinds of events if you are a smoker and do not have the ability to get cigarettes. This is one of those occasions when it would be really beneficial to be an e-smoker, and especially if you planned ahead to make sure a stash of disposable e-cigarettes was ready and waiting.

I know what you’re thinking… prepare with food , water, batteries… necessities, but electronic cigarettes? Of course! It’s as easy to always keep them on hand for emergency situations, hey you never know when you’re going to run out at the wrong moment, or forget to reorder cartridges, so planning ahead is a great idea regardless. It never hurts to plan ahead, and e-cigs are perfect for doing so!