President’s Day E-Cigarette Sale: Happening Right Now!

We love a good sale, and we love a good reason to offer one! President’s Day Weekend is going on right now, and we are selling our electronic cigarette starter kits at 30% off this weekend! Honor your forefathers by taking advantage of this great deal. It’s always a good time to celebrate your many freedoms!

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Our starter kits start at simply basic and go to fully decked out with all the accessories you could want. Accessories are awesome, but some people, especially those just starting out, often choose to go for the less is more route. Others, beginners and experts alike may choose to go for a starter kit having more accessories because they know they will use them and know the benefits of having extra chargers and batteries.

E-cigarette starter kits are essential to using e-cigs. You don’t have to start out with a kit; you could just purchase all the goods separately, but it’s smarter to get them in a package because of the savings. Starter kits pack everything you need to start up, including cartridges. For those just wanting to try vapor smoking, it’s the ideal way to give it a go. South Beach Smoke also offers customers the option of a full refund within the first 30 days if for some reason they are not satisfied, so you may as well take the plunge when the prices are this good!