Pros and Cons of Manual and Automatic Batteries

E-cigarette batteries can make vaping confusing! You’ve got so many choices in brands, styles, sizes, colors, and performance capabilities so how do you know what you need? And what of switches? How do you even go about deciding between those?

Well, here you go. Automatic and Manual e-cigarette battery switches simplified and explained, so you can have a solid idea about what you’re getting into, and how to choose between the two.

Manual Battery Pros

  • More control over the device, how it performs and works in general.
  • No automatic shut off; you call the shots.
  • The manual battery is truly a “sealed battery.”
  • Produces higher level of vapor production.

Manual Battery Cons

  • Shorter battery life; there’s a price attached to everything.
  • Having to push a button during usage is less like a traditional cigarette.
  • Battery can occasionally engage all on its own accord, causing the battery to drain faster.

Automatic Battery Pros

  • Longer battery life than Manual batteries.
  • Automatic shut off ensures your battery doesn’t overheat
  • More like a traditional cigarette when being used.
  • Simpler to use because of the automatic start up, meaning that the battery activates as soon as your mouth hits the mouthpiece and you take a hit.

Automatic Battery Cons

  • Less vapor production than Manual batteries.
  • Less control due to the 5-6 second shut off, resulting in a limited number of puffs before it shuts off.
  • Occasionally loud noises can cause an Automatic battery to switch on automatically, surprise, surprise!

So which one is better? Well, that’s a matter of opinion, really! Now that you know the difference between electronic cigarette battery switches, you get to decide. When purchasing, hopefully you now have a better understanding of the mechanics, and making a choice shouldn’t be too difficult. If you find you are still at a crossroads, however, and don’t know which you want to experience, our suggestion is to go with both. It can’t hurt to try both styles, and worst comes to worst, you’ll have a backup battery!