Ready, Set, Summer!

Summertime. Or summah time…. However you pronounce it! Vaping in the summer is fantastic, it makes all the warm weather pursuits even better. Whether you are hanging at the beach, partying with friends, enjoying warm date nights out, jetting off on fabulous vacations, vaping makes it all the more wonderful! However, as wonderful as it is to vape in the sun, the sultry temps are not always easy on your e-cigs or liquids! So here’s how to protect your devices and liquids, and to get the best performance out of them when the temperatures start soaring!

Batteries: Under no circumstances should you should your batteries be left in a hot car, or any sweltering location. Once batteries hit 100°F, the batteries’ cells will begin to weaken and hold less power, and as a result, will need charging more frequently. Think of this as a slow death. Under the worst circumstances, batteries can melt and become warped and die instantaneously from being exposed to excessively hot temperatures. So in the summer, or whenever your weather starts heating up, do not leave your batteries in your car, or other heat-prone areas.

E-liquids: As you probably know, e-liquid has a shelf-life. If you expose liquids to direct sunlight, such as being left out on the patio or being left in a hot car, liquids may begin to break down, start decomposing, and have their flavors affected as a result. Nicotine may become less effective, the consistency may be altered, and your atomizer or tank may become clogged. Lovely, right? Keep ‘em cool to keep ‘em fresh!

Things to do to keep you vape gear cool:

Keep your liquids and batteries out of sunlight. Duh. In a cool backpack, a cooler, or (depending on how hardcore you are) a portable min-ifridge, during really hot days, if you’re out in the heat, are the best places to safely store your vape gear.

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If your summer plans include picnics in the park, camping, hiking, or hitting any of the awesome music festivals that will be happening, make sure you’ve got an e-cig lanyard to keep your the e-cig ready at a moments notice!

Don’t let the summer heat slow you down at all when it comes to vaping! You can have your fun, get your vape on, and keep your stuff safe all at the same time! May your summer be filled with vaping and may it be awesome!