Reasons You Need a Vaporizer

E-cigs are great. They are the basic method lots of people started vaping with. Many of you are still using e-cigs and hey, that’s cool if you’re content, however, you may want to elevate your vaping a little bit if you’re wondering if there is something more out there. Here are the top reasons to give vaporizers a go, and why they may change your vape game for the better!

  1. Bigger, better, more powerful. That’s the big thrill with vape pens. They offer a more intense experience than basic cig-a-likes.

  2. Better batteries. Bigger devices mean larger, higher-capacity batteries are utilized to create a more powerful experience.

  3. Accessories. Having the option to play around with different tanks can change so much of the way you vape. A vape tank can totally affect your performance, and you have options between larger and smaller sizes.

  4. Customizing is so great. It can give you that personal feel on your vape pen that makes it a total pleasure to use every time because it works exactly the way you want it to. Why would you want to live without customizing your device?

  5. Portable size: they go anywhere! Sure, they may not be as tiny as e-cigs, but they are not bulky at all! Most vaporizers can fit nicely in a pocket or purse, and can be used discreetly in public because they fit snugly and easily into the hand.

  6. Larger tanks mean larger quantities of e-liquid can be held in them. This means that if you’re after an all-day fill, or want to use it constantly without refilling all the time, you’ve got that option.

  7. Speaking of options, using e-liquid, instead of prefilled cartridges is awesome. You’ve got a wild assortment of 30,000 different flavor possibilities when using our e-liquids, so you can never get bored!

  8. Freedom. Yes, you’ve got freedom from smoke no matter what vapor device you go with, but vaporizers offer so much versatility and freedom you will probably have no interest in heading back to using e-cigs!