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We’re delighted to announce that South Beach Smoke is now carrying the full line of RipTide’s groundbreaking products! These RipTide products are centered around a scientifically advanced tobacco-free nicotine, NicTech, developed through a proprietary process. What does this mean for you? It means that South Beach Smoke is your portal to experience the future of nicotine technology now! NicTech has some serious advantages over traditional plant-derived nicotine including a silky smooth feel during use, increased satisfaction, and a neutral unimposing taste that lets the flavors of RipTide’s carefully crafted profiles shine through unimpeded. What are your options for experiencing this revolutionary vaping advancement? We’re glad you asked! Keep reading!

RipTide RipStick and RipStick Pods

As scientific developments in the field of nicotine technology, such as RipTide’s NicTech, enhance the overall satisfaction of vaping; hardware manufacturers have been free to develop increasingly compact devices that take full advantage of these advancements. Rather than leaving this critical aspect in the hands of traditional manufacturers, RipTide has taken the next logical step by engineering a device, designed through gathering feedback from passionate and dedicated fans, capable of maximizing your satisfaction and enjoyment of RipTide’s decidedly modern (and did we mention delicious?) e-liquid. The RipStick was conceived as a lightweight and ultraportable companion that offers such simplicity in operation, and satisfaction in use, that it is a natural partner for all of your demanding adventures and daily routines. Utilizing specially designed pods offering excellent performance and flavor characteristics, the combination of RipTide’s RipStick and pre-filled RipStick Pods deliver the exceptional NicTech experience in the most convenient and “drama-free” way possible!

RipTide E-liquid

Initially, RipTide’s E-liquids will be offered in eight delicious flavor profiles formulated with NicTech advanced nicotine. Including representative options from the full spectrum of common flavor categories; there truly is something for everyone within RipTide’s curated collection of liquids! From rich and creamy breakfast-inspired concoctions to traditional and robust tobacco blends, RipTide E-liquid gives you the chance to experience this exciting fusion of science and nicotine in a way that is more delicious than ever before!

Ready to “Rip” into RipTide?

Stocking RipTide’s entire line of impressive products, South Beach Smoke is proud to serve as your entry point to this delicious, satisfying, and smooth advancement in vaping tech! Check out our extensive collection of products, including the full RipTide lineup, today! RipTide’s philosophy of crafting devices and liquids designed to offer a simple, satisfying, and smooth experience perfectly matches South Beach Smoke’s stated purpose and goals. Ready? South Beach Smoke is here to support you as you ride the tide to the future of satisfaction!

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