Let's face it – making New Year's resolutions is a lot easier than actually sticking to them. For one reason or another, a lot of people fall off the wagon when it comes to making good on their promises to themselves, whether it's losing weight or finding more time to spend with loved ones. However, one resolution you can make – and stick to – in 2014 is turning your back on traditional tobacco and making the switch to electronic cigarettes. Why not make a commitment to a way to smoke that aligns with your modern lifestyle this Jan. 1?

Never look back
Millions of American smokers have already discovered the joys of vaping. In fact, approximately one in five Americans have at least tried e-cigs, if not made the switch entirely, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With so many smokers turning away from tobacco and embracing e-cigarettes, it's little wonder why these devices have become the next big thing. 

There are dozens of reasons why switching from tobacco to e-cigs should be at the top of your list of New Year's resolutions. The first is that South Beach Smoke e-cigs have zero combustion, zero ash and zero mess, making them a much easier alternative to the hassle of smoking traditional cigarettes. Another excellent reason to make the switch is the amount of money you'll save. If you're still not convinced, try using our handy savings calculator and you'll see how much extra money you could have after embracing e-cigs!

Freedom to choose
With so many flavors and strengths available, e-cig cartridges offer you a whole new way to experience smoking pleasure with the freedom to choose and none of the guilt – perfect for the new year.

If you enjoy the taste of tobacco, South Beach Smoke has a range of flavors to suit you, including Tobacco Gold, Tobacco Blue and Tobacco Classic. Of course, for a new twist on this timeless taste, why not try our new Tobacco Mint cartridges? On the other hand, if you prefer fun and playful tastes, we've got you covered, with innovative flavors including Orange Mint, Double Apple Hookah, Peach, Vanilla, Cherry and even Piña Colada!

South Beach Smoke is the leading brand of e-cigarettes in the country, and once you've tried our delicious flavors for yourself, we're confident you'll turn your back on tobacco forever. Make the switch this New Year's and get ready to experience a brand new smoking sensation!