Room Temperature is the Best Temperature

When it comes to your e-cigarette battery, you’ve got to maintain the right temperature in order to protect it. Most batteries are lithium ions, just like those found in cell phones and laptops. They are quite heat sensitive, and they also happen to be susceptible to damage from extreme cold temperatures as well as rain and moisture.

Here are our expert tips for storing and safeguarding your e-cig and vaporizer batteries when it comes to temperature. If all else fails, and you’re not sure about whether a certain temperature is ideal, just remember room temperature is the best!

-Never store e-cigarettes/ e-cigarette batteries in your car. This is cardinal rule number one. Temperatures in the car can exceed the temperature outside, and exposure to temperatures over 80° cause batteries to work harder, which will drain them quicker. They can also overheat to the point of explosion, which is a really bad predicament, best avoided.

-Avoid freezing temperatures. Sure, using your device outside in the cold is fine, but never leave it out there. E-liquid can freeze, which can cause the interior components to expand and this will destroy your e-cigarette. Freezing temperatures will also get you only about a 50% output from the device, which is far from optimal.

-Moisture is a no-no. Any source of contact with water is not a good thing for your e-cigarette. This includes bodies of water like the beach or lakes, swimming pools, hot tubs, the bathtubs, and showers. Simply, any exposure to water is bad, because it can get inside of the device and destroy the heating element as well as causing battery damage. We urge you to keep your devices well away from the possibility of contact. Along these lines is the exposure to excessive humidity. Steer clear of it. So if you live in a very humid climate, definitely do your best to keep your device from being subjected to it outdoors, because, as you probably know, humidity is basically water. Over time, it can kill a battery quickly.

So, with all of this in mind remember that room temperature is the safest temperature. Approximately 67°F, as long as you’re above freezing and below 86°F your e-cigs should be able to escape temperature related damage.

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