Sampling e-cigarettes is easy with disposable options

E-cigarettes are a unique alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and these electronic devices are certainly an experience all on their own. Inhaling water vapor is definitely different than breathing in smoke, and some people may enjoy the sensation more than others. If you're considering purchasing an e-cigarette starter kit, you ought to conduct a test run before making the commitment. Thankfully, South Beach Smoke's disposable e-cigs make this easy to do.

Switching from traditional to electronic cigarettes is a great way to save money, but rather than shelling out up to $10 per pack, you can pay for as much as a month's worth of cartridges up front and not have to worry about going to the store every day or so to get more. The initial investment can seem like a lot of money if you're not sure you'll even like the e-cigarette, but the savings will be tremendous over time compared to the cost of traditional cigarettes. Before you order an e-cigarette starter kit, why not make sure you will enjoy the experience? South Beach Smoke's disposable e-cigarettes come in two flavors – Classic and Menthol – and each e-cig is equivalent to about two packs of cigarettes. They're ready to use as soon as you get your hands on them, with no assembly or charging needed.

Take a few quick puffs to get the e-cigs going and then smoke them as you would a traditional cigarette. When the vapor starts to be less thick, the nicotine is winding down and you're nearing the end of your e-cigarette. If you liked the feel, taste and overall experience, you can order an e-cigarette starter kit and select a wide array of flavors. Choices like cherry, peach and peppermint give you the chance to mix things up, and you can order an assorted set of cartridges to try all the flavors offered by South Beach Smoke to find the one you like best.