Saving Money with South Beach Smoke

One of the best reasons to be a part of the South Beach Smoke family are the savings. While we want you to love our products, we know how important a great deal is. And we’re not just talking about one-time deals, we mean long term savings that give you reason to stay with us over the long run. We’re big fans of long term relationships! Here is a look at the different ways we save you money when it comes to vaping; enjoy the savings, my friends!


The Home Delivery Program is simply awesome. It gives you VIP status with us, enabling you to get your cartridges at set intervals of your choosing so you never run out. The best part about it is that it entitles you to 20% off your cartridge refills, since those little units tend to get pricey, we know the savings are nice! Members also get access to exclusive sales and private events. It’s free to join, holds no contract over your head, you can cancel whenever you want, and you can adjust your delivery dates and quantities whenever you see fit. All you have to do is sign up!

SOBE Rewards

The SOBE Rewards program is our new loyalty program, and it rocks. Every customer is automatically enrolled, and you earn points based on all the money you spend with us. Every dollar earns you 1 point, and when you’ve amassed 200 points you get $20 to spend with us. You also have the ability to earn additional points from doing things like connecting with us on social media, leaving product reviews, joining the HDP, and celebrating your birthday.

Social Media Exclusive Sales

Joining us on our social media sites also has the benefit of getting you access to exclusive sales, so do it! Like and Follow us; it takes just a minute and is so worth the while!


If you love our products, and you tell your friends about them, and then they purchase as a result of your bragging and boasting, we think you should get rewarded. So, with that, we offer our Refer-a-Friend program, and how it works is simple: You send your pals our Refer-a-Friend link, and when they make a purchase, they will receive 10% off their first order as a result of your generosity, and you in turn will receive a $25 gift certificate to spend with us, as well as 10% off your next order. Talk is not cheap, as far as we’re concerned!

What can we say, we really dig our customers! We love your loyalty and the fact that you choose our products over all others, and because of that, we are thrilled to offer you plenty of ways to save with us. You spend your hard earned dollars with us, and we want to make them go farther!