Saving Time and Increasing Productivity By Vaping

South Beach Smoke Saving Time and Increasing Productivity By VapingThere are so many ways that e-cigarettes can save you time and add convenience to your daily life. Who isn’t looking for a few extra minutes or maybe an hour or two? In today’s busy, hectic world, we like things fast, efficient, and ultimately working for us, not against us. Luckily, vaping is one of the most positive ways to add convenience to your life if you indulge in nicotine. Here are some ways they save time, and increase productivity.

Vape as You Please:

You don’t have to feel obligated to smoke a certain amount, as was the case with traditional cigarettes. Remember how you’d smoke entire cigarettes even though you simply wanted two quick drags? And they are pretty pricey, so wasting wasn’t really on the agenda. When you’re vaping, you’re free to go as long or as short as you like.

You Choose Where You Smoke; Indoor or Outdoor:

Gone are the days of stopping what you’re doing to head out to smoke. If you live in a colder climate, it’s no fun to have to bundle up for a five-minute smoke. Vaping can easily be done indoors with no inconvenience to those around you; odor free, smoke free, tobacco free.

E-Smoking As You Work:

Being able to smoke at work is every smoker’s fantasy. Of course it was standard practice back in the day, but these days if smoke is your thing, you’re most likely doing it outdoors during a cigarette break. After hours is one thing, but during the day, it can really annoy your employer if you take too many breaks. Luckily many employers are now allowing their employees to smoke electric cigarettes as they work, without having to take additional breaks or halt their productivity.

Wherever, Whenever, Without Having to Make a Detour Just to Smoke:

In the car during your carpool commute. As you bounce from train to bus. While you shop from store to store in the mall; isn’t it nice to be able to vape as you want without stopping what you’re doing to smoke? Isn’t it nice to be able to vape without offending those around you? Doesn’t it save a lot of time to stay in the flow of what you’re doing instead of the constant breaking to smoke?

That’s the beauty of electronic smoking! It takes the difficulty of the hassle out, replacing it with the carefree simplicity of just doing what you have to do, and vaping whenever you want. It ups your personal productivity, if you can do it at work, it ups your working productivity. Whatever you’ve got going on, electronic smoking is just simpler and easier than smoking! Looking to make the switch? Give one of our electronic cigarette starter kits a try today!