The Science Behind the Two-Piece E Cig

South Beach Smoke Science Behind the Two-Piece E CigSouth Beach Smoke e-cigs are two-piece style e-cigs. This means they are comprised of two main parts: the battery and the disposable cartridge. Within each part there are several other parts that serve specific purposes, and they all work in unison to create a very cigarette-like experience, with optimal amounts of vapor, and a very enjoyable experience. Here is a look at how two-piece electronic cigarettes work their magic!

The Battery: The e-cigarette battery is the main part of the e-cigarette; it literally is the e-cigarette. The cartridge attaches to it, and together they create allow the user to vape. Inside the battery is a smart chip microprocessor, and a sensor. The outside case is made of aluminum, and it is made to look like a traditional cigarette with its sleek, minimal design.

The Cartridge: Cartridges connect to the battery to make the process come together. Within the cartridges are a built-in atomizer, a preset amount of liquid nicotine, and an external mouthpiece made of silicon that feels very much like a traditional cigarette.

How these parts work together is both simple and ingenious! To set up, all the user has to do is charge the battery to full, and then screw the cartridge on. (Not too tight, or else it won’t work). When the user puffs, if they are using an automatic battery, it will turn on automatically by sensing the user’s mouth on the e-cigarette. This will then signal the smart chip to send a charge to the atomizer, which will instantly heat the e-juice, and vaporize it. When this happens, it activates the vaping process, and the user will quickly get their nicotine hit, in the cloud of vapor. If the user is using a manual battery, the process is the same, only a button is pressed to turn the e-cig on, as they vape. Simple, effective, and guaranteed to satisfy!