Thanksgiving is approaching, and I’m sure you are brimming with things you’re thankful for. If you’ve got food in your belly, shelter over your head, and love surrounding you, yes, that is the essence of plentiful, however if you’re a vaper you’ve got even more! Gratitude, they say, is one of the quickest routes to getting happy, and here are a bunch of things to be grateful for as a vaper!

  1. -A smoke-free life, because it is so much better!
  2. -You get more peace of mind knowing you are no longer exposing your body to all the foul stuff in cigarettes, like tar, carcinogens, and an endless list of toxic stuff.
  3. -All that cash you’re saving now!
  4. -No more spending your money supporting the tobacco industry.
  5. -Tons of convenience; in every way vaping makes being a smoker easier.
  6. -30,000 + flavors to choose from, so you really get to go nuts enjoying the deliciousness!
  7. -There are so many awesome e-cigarette products! Vaping gives you the option of a wide array of different styles of products and accessories that offer so much enjoyment.
  8. -More time to enjoy life, less time spent messing with cigarettes.
  9. -A cleaner life; who doesn’t need that?
  10. -No more fire hazards for all you fire-phobic peeps!
  11. -More dates, and less cringing from nonsmoking love interests!
  12. -You get the pleasure of tasting more things with unburnt taste buds.
  13. E-smoking is not just a way to have nicotine, its a lifestyle and hobby.
  14. -It’s fun freaking people out in public by vaping with sass.
  15. -Trying new models is fun.
  16. -No more running out of cigarettes!
  17. -No more late night gas station/ convenience store/ pharmacy runs just for a smoke!
  18. -No more standing out in the cold for 5-10 minutes to smoke!

We will agree with the folks out there who say that Thanksgiving should be about more than just a single day of thankfulness! When you start getting thankful for the little things, you see that they really do amount to the greater things! So give thanks for vaping, because when you switch to electronic cigarettes, life gets better!