Shame Shame… Celebrities Who Smoke Cigarettes!

We love when celebs get spotted in public using their e-cigarettes. While some are still in the closet, and do all of their vaping away from public eye, we are pretty proud of those who see no fear in using their alternative cigarettes when they are out and about. What we really don’t like to see are celebs who are still smoking cigarettes! With so many reasons they above all people should not be smoking, it’s pretty crazy that so many still do. We totally understand how difficult quitting can be, but still, it’s so worth it to switch to e-cigs instead.

Most people in the public eye are well aware of their appearance, and they are so known to do everything possible to preserve their looks. When going to extreme lengths like cosmetic surgery, and bizarre skin and body treatments, why on earth would these very same individual’s risk their looks to smoke? It’s not like tobacco smoke is a hit or miss kind of poison; it’s pretty well known to age the skin, dull the eyes, stain the teeth, and give you wrinkles. No one wants any of those side effects!

Not only do cigarettes take their toll on the external appearance, celebrities are also pretty well aware of the impact they have on the lives of others. Setting an example for others kind of comes with the fame, and some celebs handle this better than others. For stars like Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, who have millions of young fans, being such flamboyant smokers was not the best idea. It’s sure is a good thing we sent them each e-cigarette starter kits; as we’ve previously reported, Rob is really happy to be using e-cigs! Cigarette smoking is not cool, and it never looks cool. Using them, knowing you are an idol for others sets a negative example.

Other celebrities who really need to take notice of e-cigs include Catherine Zeta-Jones, who previously vowed to quit smoking when husband Michael Douglas was diagnosed with cancer, Taylor Momsen, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt who is an occasional smoker, and perpetual hot mess, Courtney Love.