Smoking Dental Damage Compared to E Cig Effects

South Beach Smoke Smoking Dental Damage
South Beach Smoke Smoking Dental Damage

So you probably already know firsthand all the horrors of traditional tobacco cigarettes and how they can mar a perfectly gleaming smile. After years of use, you may not even ever remember having pearly whites, because no matter what kind of treatments you subject your teeth to, there is little that can prevent or remove the tobacco stains as long as you are constantly coating your teeth with its tar.

If your smile has you self-conscious, but you aren’t quite ready to give up the pleasure of smoking and nicotine, perhaps it’s time to give electronic smoking a try.

The magnitude of how bad tobacco is for your oral health is staggering. It actually goes way beyond just the cosmetic look of your teeth turning unattractively yellow from smoking cigarettes. Tobacco smoking over a long period of time can cause plaque buildup, tooth loss, foul breath odor, infections of the gums such as gingivitis, and oral and mouth cancers. Suffice it to say, tobacco is straight up bad for your mouth!

Many smokers report all kinds of dramatic improvements in their lives after switching. Tobacco smoke is responsible for staining the skin, dulling the complexion, wreaking havoc on the luster of one’s hair, and as mentioned before, really destroying the look of one’s teeth. When you remove the staining agent: the tar of the tobacco, you are no longer exposing yourself or your appearance to its detriments.

When using electronic cigarettes, there is no tar because there is no tobacco involved. In fact, it isn’t called vaping without reason; there is no smoke, and no plant matter getting burned during the process. E-cigarettes work to give the user inhaled hits of nicotine, carried by clean water vapor. There is nothing left behind; no residue, no tar, no odor; nothing. They leave nothing to cause staining; so just like they won’t stain your walls if you use them indoors, they won’t stain your teeth.

There is nothing like greeting the world with a big, healthy smile. Take care of yours the right way, and avoid exposing your smile to toxins, tar, and tobacco any longer. You’ve got options, use them!