Smokeless in the City… New York and Tobacco

New York is one of the most major hubs in all of the world. It is an international city, bustling with action every minute of the day. Always trying to maintain a progressive edge, for New Yorkers, tobacco is a very touchy subject. From wide spreading restrictions limiting smoking in most public spaces, to severely high costs on cigarettes and other products, smokers have been faced with a very steep uphill battle in NYC in recent years. If you live in NYC, you know first hand how low the tolerance is for smoke! As smoking gets conquered, more New Yorkers are turning to South Beach Smoke to take their nicotine to a whole new level!

Second hand smoke is probably the most hated part of cigarettes in NYC, and the city’s residents have become very knowledgable on all of the dangers that accompany cigarettes. With less people smoking, the smoke from other people’s cigarettes has gotten down to a very low level. For smokers, realistically speaking, e-cigs allow you to have it all in this town!

While the health of its inhabitants is the primary goal, being a city of this magnitude the inevitable amount of pollution is quite the burden. The pollution exists in every possible aspect of the city, and takes an enormous amount of effort to control. There is little patience for dropping butts, and taking into consideration how large the city is in population, there really is no room for displaced garbage! Air quality is another major issue on the front of pollution, and with all of the exhaust and emissions that come from vehicles and numerous industries, breathing in New York is difficult without smoke. Add it in, and you will have a nightmare! In come e-cigs: no air pollution, no trash, and nothing will be left behind!

And then, probably the most important factor for e-cigarettes in NYC are the savings that come with electronic smokes. Notoriously expensive when it comes to everything, smokers are known to pay as much as $12 per pack of smokes here! When our e-smokes are coming out to around $2 a pack with our great prices and the discount that comes with being a Home Delivery customer, the savings are very generous!

So if you are a New Yorker, know your options! Going with smokeless cigarettes will allow you to better enjoy the city, and live a better, cleaner lifestyle there. While restrictions can seem like an utter annoyance, they open the door wide for e-cigarettes!