Smokers and Employment Facts

South Beach Smoke Smokers and Employment FactsE-cigarettes are the smarter, greener, more affordable way to get nicotine, especially with cigarettes getting out-phased more and more. Tobacco cigarettes are costly in so many ways, but did you know that as of late, less companies are hiring smokers? There are so many reasons to quit smoking, and if you are in the market for a new job, here is another!

Smoking is costly, and for companies, hiring smokers is costly.  Smokers take more breaks and longer breaks. They are also at a far greater risk for long term, deadly illnesses, as well as a plethora of complications that arise from mild illnesses. Therefore, smokers will have more absences, in the short term as well as longterm. Healthcare expenses are approximately $3,000 to $4,000 yearly higher for smokers. Smoking is the national leader in causing preventable disease and death, and employers are looking for healthy, longterm employees. The CDC estimates $193 billion is spent yearly on health care costs and the subsequent loss in productivity due to tobacco. Also to consider, smokers pay more for life insurance premiums, and companies pay higher health insurance premiums for employees who are smokers. Suffice it say, smoking is expensive!

Cleveland Clinic halted hiring smokers in 2007, because they felt smoking was not in line with their foundation of health. In January of this year, Baylor Health Care System placed a similar restriction. The latest company joining the brigade are the Penn National Gaming casinos of Toledo and Cincinnati, Ohio. They are currently hiring 3,200 positions for two casinos. Smoking is entirely illegal in public places in the state of Ohio, and this new stance aims even higher against tobacco.

So what does all of this mean for electronic cigarettes? It simply reaffirms all the positives about not smoking, and that vapor is the way of the future. These are an amazing alternative, and if you are job hunting, you may want to consider an e-cigarette starter kit, and drop your smoke altogether.