Smoking Can Rot Your Brain; Choose E-Cigs!

So according to new research, cigarettes can also rot the brain. This is in addition to causing all varieties of health ills, ranging from the ultra deadly cancers of the lungs, mouth, throat, and tongue; to strokes, to heart disease and all kinds of cardiovascular problems, and debilitating vascular diseases, tobacco cigarettes can now add “brain killer” to it’s list of possible side effects!

It’s pretty safe to say that cigarettes are dangerous, and with all of these ways it can destroy the body, it is a habit not worth picking up. Sadly for those who do, the grip the addiction has on them can often be so strong it takes them to their grave. This is why the rise in e-cigarettes has been booming. They offer an alternative way to have nicotine, and come with none of these side effects. Of course the argument can be made that the formal testing and FDA approvals have not been made public, it must be noted that cigarettes are not approved by the FDA, and they are truly proven to kill users. And e-cigs, regardless of “proof,” they are smokeless, tar-less, and tobacco free, and that alone is reason enough to believe they are really safer.

But while the speculation is up, a recent study on cigarettes and brain function done by King’s College in London, published in the journal “Age and Ageing”  has released findings that show over time, cigarettes do cause much damage to the brain. The study was done on 8,800 people over the age of 50. The purpose was to determine what factors contributed more so towards cognitive decline than others, especially in regards to investigating the links between the condition of the brain and a person’s likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke. The same group of people was tested again after four years, and then after eight years, with results showing that people with a greater risk of heart attack or stroke were also “significantly associated with cognitive decline.” There was also consistent data produced showing that people who smoked had lower test scores. Medical communities have long suspected cigarettes to have detrimental effects on the brain, and now the research is beginning to emerge. The connection is there; cigarettes are bad for the heart and the brain! So what’s a smoker to do to preserve their heart and brain? Get an electronic cigarette starter kit, stat!