Have you seen this packaging that has been mandatory for all cigarette packages being sold in the European Union? Pretty wild, right? Even wilder than people still continue to purchase and smoke them with such blatant warnings emblazoned across them! More than ever, it serves as a reminder that opting for alternative cigarettes is a lot safer.

In dozens of countries across the world, such slogans and even to the extent of intensely graphically disturbing images in Brazil, have been printed on cigarette boxes, encouraging smokers to stop smoking. While some claim the images have been too disturbing, so the aim to make people think about their smoking has definitely been felt. With such attention-gripping marketing, there’s no way smokers will ever be able to claim ignorance or innocence when issues begin to arise from the habit, but why let it come to that?

Thanks to electronic cigarettes, tobacco numbers are dramatically on the decline. While many still claim that e-cigs are not a suitable alternative due to the lack of testing and regulations, take away the smoke, the tobacco, and the thousands of deadly chemicals, and you have left a product void of all the harmful parts of cigarettes. Without tobacco smoke, there is no chance of tar being left as a residual. With water vapor, there is none of the carbon monoxide that comes from burning particles. In fact, with e-cigs, nothing is burned whatsoever! It is an entirely electronic device!

If you are a smoker, do you regularly think, really think, about your habit and it’s dangers? Tobacco has been contributed to many thousands of deaths, and somewhere in the vicinity of 100 million during the 20th century. It’s not speculation, it’s 100% proven that smoking kills. I know if I was faced with the constant reminder, on a cigarette pack, I would be highly annoyed and would probably quit from being constantly reminded. Think you’ll miss the flavor? South Beach Smoker offers a wide range of great e-cig flavors, three different tobacco flavors, as well as menthol and many other delicious varieties.

If you are an e-smoker, don’t you feel better about enjoying nicotine this way? Don’t you feel better knowing you are no longer consuming something deadly and dangerous?