Does Smoking Affect Taste & Smell?

South Beach Smoke Does Smoking Affect Taste & Smell?So we all know about all the awful, crazy, messed up, bizarre, complicated ways that smoking traditional cigarettes can affect the body. But what about more minor issues, ones that may not be life-threatening, but are still absolutely annoying? Yes, tobacco is full of tricks, and in addition to cancer and heart disease, smoking can do things like rob you of your ability to taste and smell things. And while these are not necessarily quicker stepping stones to your grave, missing out on the pleasures of the senses is a rather huge deal! Here’s a look at how and why life will certainly smell and taste sweeter without the smoke!


Cigarette smoking directly alters the shape of your taste buds, flattening them out, and can render them useless. The heat of the smoke can burn them, distorting their ability to perform their innate function, and though not all of your ability to taste is guaranteed to diminish, there is a good chance you will not taste things as pronounced as prior to smoking. And food sure is delicious; why lose out on this earthly delight?


Your sense of taste can be affected by the effects of smoking, as well as from the compromised sense of smell. You see, smoking can damage your olfactory nerves, which are located in the rear portion of your nose. These nerves are directly responsible for your sense of smell, which directly correlates to how you taste things. Should they become damaged, there goes another aspect of your ability to taste. Not to mention, your ability to smell, which is a major source of pleasure nonetheless. Don’t you love the smell of a summer rain? What about the ocean? Fresh mown grass? Awesome cologne? A delicious steak on the grill that you probably won’t get to taste much of either?

The longer you smoke, the more damage you do to your senses, so if you enjoy tasting and smelling, don’t smoke. On the upside, however, within 48 hours of your last cigarette, your nerve endings begin regrowing, so there is hope in regaining your ability to smell and taste once more! Isn’t the human body amazing?

So smokers, there’s hope! Tasting and smelling: these are some of life’s most beautiful, yet simple offerings. Why cut yourself short if you don’t need to? This is one of the best reasons to enjoy electronic smoking; no smoke is a great thing!