Some Thoughts on E-Cig Flavors

Flavors are good. Having options is great. When you have the option of 10 flavors for your vaping, life is really good! When it comes to e-cigs, having choices makes them even more fun and personal to use, and it really helps you relax into the swing of using them. Traditional cigarettes are quite limited in their flavor offerings, and switching to vapor can be so much more pleasurable because of this.

Our e-cigarette flavors run the gamut in terms of mixing it up. We have three different tobacco flavors: Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blue, and Tobacco Gold. Three different profiles of the flavor we are most accustomed to! Tobacco Gold is similar to the deeper, richer flavors from Eastern and European cigarette labels. Classic is rich and sweet; exactly what the name implies. Tobacco Blue is smooth, refined, and all-American. Our Menthol flavored e-cig cartridges are incredibly popular, and most people who use them have raved about how similar to ordinary menthol cigarettes they are. The taste is refreshing, cool, and slightly tingly. We also offer Peppermint, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry, Pina Colada and Peach. All are delicious, especially Peach, which has been a crowd pleaser since we released it. It’s certainly different than any typical cigarette experience, and hits your mouth with the same burst of flavor you’d expect from a ripe, summer peach. Having delicious flavors like chocolate, and vanilla really please those with a sweet tooth, and help you conquer cravings for indulgent desserts.

Why so many? The more the merrier, really. Many e-cigarette users want lots of choices, because most do not vape with just one particular flavor exclusively. For those who are just beginning, it’s great to be able to experiment and try them all. We carry a Deluxe Variety 10 Flavor pack of cartridges so that current and new users alike can have all of them at their disposal. With so many choices, it can be really hard to whittle it down to just one flavor! If you are just beginning to use e-cigs, it’s a great idea to try this sample pack because it will give the chance to try them all and really find which you like best.