Why Does My E-Cig Make Me Cough & Have A Sore Throat?

South Beach Smoke E-Cig Makes Me Cough & Burns ThroatGetting a sore throat from vaping can be annoying. You’re probably wondering what the deal with this obnoxious symptom is. So you made the switch to electronic smoking, for all the right reasons, and now you’ve found yourself with this uncomfortable, nagging ailment. However, let us be the first to tell you- you’re not the only one, and often the fix is a really simple one!

Here are the top causes of a vape-related sore throat, accompanied by the quick fix for each:

Dehydration: Vapor smoking is not an adequate source of hydration. Yes, it does involve liquids, but when you vape, you do nothing for your body’s need for water. Because e-liquids are comprised of PG and VG, both of which substances have a tendency to attract moisture, you may find the hydration is literally sucked right out of you! A dry mouth and sore throat can happen as a result.

The Fix: Up your water intake big time, before, during, and after vaping to combat it.

Throat Hit: PG in e-liquid is what produces a strong, powerful hit, and it can leave the throat feeling dry, irritated, scratchy and/ or sore in users not accustomed to it. In some rare cases, allergies to PG have been reported, so know what to look for if you think this could be the culprit.

The Fix: Be patient while you adjust to vaping, or switch to a liquid with lesser (or no) PG.

Nicotine Strength: Vaping and smoking, despite their many similarities, are different. Choosing a nicotine level that resonates with your body, while also satisfying your cravings can prove tricky at first. If you have a sore throat from vaping, as well as a vape cough, feel nauseous, and/ or lightheaded, your nicotine strength may be too high.

The Fix: Check your level, and adjust as needed.

Vaping Style: Long and slow is not the way to go, like with traditional cigarettes. Deep draws can definitely leave your throat burning, tingling, or sore.

The Fix: Short and quick puffs, with drags lasting about 2-3 seconds is ideal.

Vaping Frequency: Vaping can be intensely pleasurable, however overdoing it can be detrimental. If your throat is sore, and you’ve checked all the above fixes, maybe you’re just having a little too much fun with your vapor?

The Fix: Put the brakes on your passion for vaping, and puff a little less often. Hard, we know, but your throat will thank you!

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