South Beach Smoke and Valentine’s Day: A Match Made in Heaven

Smoke doesn’t make for good kisses, in fact it doesn’t really do much for intimacy period!  Not many people find the side effects of tobacco to be sexy, in fact most smokers don’t as well! Don’t you think this Valentine’s Day would be a great time to use e-cigs instead of tobacco?

If you’re a smoker who is looking for love, you know how picky nonsmokers are. There are a good many of them who wouldn’t think twice about dating a smoker. The constant separation as they have to dip out to smoke, the bad breath, the smelly clothing, the 50 lbs. of fragrance they use to try to cover the smelly clothing, the musty hair, the stained teeth, the smelly car with the cheap air freshener that only makes it worse, the possibility of falling in love and losing them to cancer… those things can be gross and all encompassing to one massive turn off! Nonsmokers prefer nonsmokers, and why not open up all your possibilities? Life is too short to smoke and miss out on true love!

If you are a smoker who is in a relationship with a nonsmoker, why not surprise them this Valentine’s Day by switching to vapor cigs? They’ll probably really appreciate it, and be totally blown away by the surprise!

If you and your partner are both smokers, wouldn’t it be romantic to go electronic together? You both probably want to quit, and doing it together can make your success rate even more likely. When couples do things like this together, it boosts their ability to overcome obstacles because they have each other for support. When it’s hard and when it’s easy you can share your experiences with each other, and help one another along. In the long run, you’ll both be thrilled with the benefits you reap together, such as the savings and the improved quality of life and health. If your smoking habit combined comes out to over a few hundred dollars monthly, and you are able to significantly reduce it, all the better! If you are able to feel healthier together, again the possibilities open up further to the things you’ll be able to enjoy together.

When it comes down to it, life is better without smoke. Love is better without smoke. This Valentine’s Day, go smoke free with one of our very sexy e-cigarette starter kits, which are all seductively priced at 30% off!

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