South Beach Smoke Batteries: Don’t Mess with Imposters!

As e-cigarettes get bigger and more popular, people are coming up with increasingly creative ways to get the job done. One thing we cannot stress enough is that as consumers, you really need to be informed when it comes to your electronic cigarettes and batteries, because when it comes to a lot of the products out there, you could be making some pretty heavy mistakes if you are experimenting with your electronic cigarette equipment.

Right now there are a lot of companies out there selling less than optimal e-cigarette equipment, promising legit alternatives to the products from top companies, at a lesser price. While it may seem promising to have cheaper e-cig batteries that can work with our cartridges and chargers, it surely is not worth your while to be using batteries that do not come from a reputable company.

Unfortunately, there have been many reports of people using a variety of products, and trying to use different cartridges and batteries together and ending up with real issues. Some of the lesser side effects can be e-cigarettes that do not work correctly, and your products breaking. You may recall news reports in the past of e-cigarettes exploding, and while this is not a threat to people who follow the manufacturer’s directions for their e-cig products, explosions were the result of people using parts, batteries, and electrical equipment in ways not recommended by any manufacturer. Why take chances that can be disastrous? People, buy your e-cigarettes from a reputable company, and use your products in the way they were intended to be used!

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