As e-cigs keep growing in popularity, so do the rumors, just like anything else in life! Whenever someone or something reaches a certain peak of success, there will always be those naysayers who look to throw stones, heckle, and try to bring them down any way they can. And along with all that negativity, you know the rumors are gonna fly one way or another!

With that said, e-cigarettes have seen their share of rumors and stories that have tried to sway the smoking public. Perhaps the biggest concern is the always recurring question of safety. Until there is stringent regulation from the FDA, this is going to be slung as the major reason not to smoke electronically. Unless, you are an informed consumer, who researches their product before purchasing, researches the company before committing, and understanding what you are getting before just delve in. Because if a smoker does their research, and opts for a brand like South Beach Smoke, who discloses their ingredients, they will know what they are to expect.

Doctors, politicians, and the FDA have all encouraged consumer caution regarding e-cigarettes, citing the same types of warnings that come with supplements like herbs and vitamins – both of which maintain very little regulation in the US. While we can’t and won’t vouch for what other brands are doing and putting in their e-cigs, we know we keep ours as pure and clean as possible, and certainly they do not contain even a fraction of the  amount of ingredients found in traditional cigarettes. Nothing toxic, and nothing carcinogenic. Besides, just because the FDA labels something as “safe” does not always mean that it is. Tobacco products and cigarettes, for example, are approved by the FDA and are deadly!

Do you remember a while back, all the talk about exploding e-cigs? Well, they weren’t just random instances where electronic cigarette devices just exploded in people’s faces. The situations happened when all of the users decided not to use their products according to manufacturer instructions, and chose to do things like mix different batteries with their e-cigs and use different e-liquids to fill them. They blatantly did things they were warned not to do, and sadly had to deal with the consequences! If you misuse any electric product you could face the same circumstances; warnings are there for a reason! Fortunately, South Beach Smoke was not one of the brands in question over explosions, nor are our products made of the same design.

Until approvals and regulations come into the picture, the most important thing you can do as a consumer is to do your research, and don’t fall for every rumor you hear. South Beach Smoke offers a wealth of information, there for the taking on their website. Know your brands, ingredients, how things work. Make wise decisions, and learn as much as possible. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to chat with us, and our fans directly. Without a doubt, standards are a good thing, and will work to keep nicotine products away from minors and ultimately (hopefully) ensure the highest quality of products are getting to you, the consumer.